Ex corporate slave, mistress of own destiny for last 10 years, seeking extended freedom, the wind my hair and more time.  Time to live, share, breathe and just be.Ultimately seeking to share and encourage truth, loyalty, joy and kindness.

I’m going back to simple ways – renouncing the superficial, consumer driven chaos that is our current world.  Advocate of manners and integrity.  Self confessed work in progress and reformed ‘sheep’, still with the occasional relapse.

Hoping to build a community of like minded people, with the aim to shift our collective backsides in a kinder direction, one cheek at a time.  Think of our aim as joyful, kind living – with a hint of mischief.  Good mischief.

We only have one life, let’s do our best and have some fun along the way. Giggles are good for your health.

Opinions entirely personal, rants likely, occasionally a tad sweary.


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