Distractions everywhere. E-ver-y-where.

How am I ever going to do this if… (flouncing)
I should have…
I wish I had…
Oh god, I haven’t done that yet…
I haven’t blogged for ages…

Pissed off because I’ve failed to do… whatever this week.
Feeling overwhelmed and a failure, because of above.
More faffing, more time wasting, more worrying.
More staring at the superficial smoke and mirrors shite on Facebook.

All of it racing around in my head. Sleep eludes me.

Breathe. (And give yourself a break)
Re-focus. Write a list.

If you’re juggling dozens of ‘balls’ work out which ones will bounce and which ones are glass. Focus on the glass.

Also remember you’re not responsible for sorting out everyone else’s shit. For doing the research, doing the fixing, the organizing for EVERYTHING. Help your friends and family of COURSE, but draw a line. I’m not for one minute suggesting we turn our backs on serious situations – but let’s be selective. Snowflakes, be gone!

Something I found useful – and actually horrifying – was to go back through my phone and count just how many ‘conversations’ I’d had in a day. Non essential messages, comments, likes etc. Dozens, literally dozens from the minute I woke up, to bedtime. ALL day. Through work, dog walks, real conversations when I should have been listening properly, while sat at traffic lights (DO NOT DO THIS!), before dinner, after dinner, in bed. It’s scary.

I’m really making the effort to focus my energies on those things I really want and those things which take me a step – even a tiny step – towards the life I want. Some days I only manage ONE thing. But that’s still one step forward. In a year that’s still a lot of steps.

Imagine getting to the end of the year and knowing you’d made at least 365 steps towards your dreams!!

It’s hard, there are distractions, commitments and responsibilities everywhere. So this week, despite it being Thursday already and having not done anything I consider personally or professionally productive, I am keeping going. The reality is, I’ve done quite a lot – but we naturally think about the things we’ve failed to do, the things that are still racing around in our heads, rather than appreciate what we’ve achieved.

I continue to ruthlessly unlike or unfriend anything or anyone whose posts make my eyes roll, and I’m making time to get outside for some fresh air. Putting the phone down, properly down, and focusing on REAL LIFE. Real dreams. Real aspirations. Real friends. Real food (and wine)!

In this life, we have to MAKE time to do the important things. Otherwise our time just gets soaked up, poached and stolen.  
There are so many people and situations that just want to suck you in to gossip or drama.

No. Thank. You.

As the Polish proverb says: Not my circus, not my Monkeys.

Tomorrow is another day, do one thing, step forward.

TFW is back!

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