Finding Your Wild

Finding Your Wild

As the name suggests, there’s a bit of feral in my blood. It’s always been there, dormant, bubbling away. It’s peaked its head out over the years, known affectionately as the ‘hippy moments’ and also expressed itself in the need for random solo travels.

I’ve always been happy and confident in my own company – and a rollocking off the parents has never stopped me visiting the more off the beaten track locations. My friends have often considered me mad. That makes me happy – I must be doing something right.

But as this world gets crazier, I’m drawn to reconnecting with true wild. Wild places, following your intuition, your instincts.

I’m not suggesting walking out the door never to return, abandoning your responsibilities or burning your bra, but simply taking time, making time, to reconnect, be still, reconsider who you are.

This could be something as sitting by the sea listening to the waves, walking barefoot in the morning grass, or watching the sunrise (a favourite) – make it happen.

I adore horses, they are a vital part of my life. One of my favourite ways to reconnect is quality ‘pony time’. No rushing to ‘get him done’, phone off, no clock watching. Just being together. He responds – if I lay my hands on him he’ll immediately relax, take a deep breath, or snooze. He knows when I’m happy or sad, when it’s a day for a cuddle, or a day for a ‘wind in your hair’ gallop. He has fabulous hair by the way.

Much against the advice of proper grown ups I often ride bareback – allowing me to feel every muscle move underneath me, appreciating fully the fact that my gorgeous horse allows me on his back, carries me safely on our adventures. It’s a partnership like no other.

So whatever your ‘wild’ is, do it. Breathe it, sense it, smell it, hear it. Or simply ‘be’ in it.  Find your wild.


The Feral Wife xx

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  1. A great way to life your life x

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