The Secret Finger

The Secret Finger

OK, apologies in advance. If you’re a hearts and flowers only kinda person, then look away now.

I will talk a LOT about kindness, joy, peace and lots of other lovely positive things on this blog, but before I go any further, there is something I must share.

For me it’s an essential part of navigating through daily life, keeping it real – and importantly giving you a tool to help on those more challenging days. And let’s face it, some days are just shit and it feels like idiots surround you. (Sorry, I did say this might not always be politically correct.)

The Secret Finger.

So, The Secret Finger is ‘a thing’. It originates from a lovely old lady in a tourist information centre, in a Canadian town I’ll diplomatically forget to mention the name of. Ever so sweet and behind little old lady glasses (I suspect she got the job to look sweet and snatch the money) she tried to rip us off for park fees. We had no problem paying at all, but we don’t like being ripped off. We went elsewhere, paid the correct fees and drove around said national park perfectly legit, making mouse heads with our gloves at the site of any wildlife.  Happy days.

However, it left a bit of a bad taste every time we walked past the tourist information office in town and one evening, unrestrained by The Husband, I couldn’t help myself but give the universal ‘finger’ as we walked home. Of course, there may have been a wine or two fuelling my mischief…

My saving grace (not suggesting there was any grace involved at all actually) was that it was a winter trip and among the snowy streets I was clad in beautiful hand knit Icelandic mittens. Mittens! So The Finger, was in realty, more of a reverse wave.

But the sentiment was there – and rightly or wrongly it did make me feel much better. No one was hurt, no one offended, I didn’t get caught, arrested or thrown into jail by a Mountie. Tho that does sound quite exciting.

So, The Secret Finger – use it discreetly, with mischief and to alleviate stress as and when required. Wear mittens. Don’t get caught. Or at least practice wafting seamlessly into an extravagant wave and bluff your way out of it.

You’ll be amazed how many times you use it, and how satisfying it is in a completely juvenile kinda way.

You’re welcome, enjoy!


The Feral Wife xx

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