“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

I’m reading a lot at the moment. I’ve rediscovered my love of books and, following on from my last post ‘Balls’, reading is one of the things I am making time for. It’s a good, restorative, winter thing to do as well!

And learning. I have this hunger to learn again. Revisiting past interests, but mostly exploring new. Could I make something, could I write something (trying) could I paint something? What moves me? What intrigues me? My Amazon bill is mounting, but my bookshelf is growing with enriching resources.

One thing I’ve noticed is that by exploring my own path going forward, it’s rekindled an interest in the past – in a good way. Nature, Folklore, legend – gaining a deeper knowledge and filling some gaps that help me move forward.

And that’s the key – again – forward. Resistence is exhausting. Change is good. And even on the days change doesn’t fill you with excitement, it’s still inevitable.

The opening quote above, got me thinking – and it’s so true.

Imagine if you stopped dwelling on what’s gone (not the finding out about history bit) – ditched the negative thoughts and that generally destructive DWELLING. It’s like sitting in a mental bath of festering slurry.

Think what you could DO with that time and energy. After all you can never change the past – wasting that time just sucks the life out of today.

Lose, lose.

Imagine now liberating it would be!

I don’t often dwell these days, but if I find my mind wandering, I immediately think of what I could be doing that’s more positive, more constructive, more interesting! What could I do with that 10 minutes, half an hour, whole evening!

After only a very short time, this really does work – and I’ve started to create new habits. In my mind anyway – I’m still eating chocolate and drinking far too much coffee in real life!

And while the past doesn’t just magically melt away, if you retrain your mind to focus forward, to a positive place, all sorts of interesting things happen.

Interesting things are happening. It’s like I’m attracting the things and people I seek. Mostly ‘alternative’ things at the moment – but a true reflection of those paths and topics that are inspiring me.

A good deed comes back three-fold. Doors are opening.

In an age when social media can be full of negativity, flooded with keyboard warriors hiding behind the anonymity of our online world – let’s be warriors for good (oooh, imagining the outfits already lol).

Let’s embrace every opportunity (some are scary for sure), chase our dreams! Let’s act now, today, let’s encourage, let’s share and let’s be brave. When we’re feeling strong let’s walk as one and when we can, let’s help those who need courage to find it. On our down days, let’s simply be kind to ourselves and hope that someone might just help us.

I love seeing people explore new things and reach for the stars. I admire those who try with all of their heart, who keep going on the tough days, who stay true.

None of us is entitled to an easy ride, but if you don’t get on the horse, you’ll never feel the wind in your hair.

Life isn’t perfect – obviously – and there will be days when we have to quietly Warrior from under the duvet, but let’s try to worry less and ‘go Warrior’ just a bit more!


PS I’m off to download The Peaceful Warrior (there’s an actual book!) – I’ll let you know if it’s one for the shared shelf xx

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